About Alice

Alice and baby

Melbourne-born Alice Greenup is an author, mother, business owner and farmer who grew up in the leafy bayside suburbs of Brighton, and attended nearby St Leonard’s College. An invitation to travel Australia on the back of a friend’s motorbike was all the prompting she needed to put her life on hold and take off for Australia’s red centre, unaware a new life awaited her on an outback cattle station after a hat tipping cowboy stole her heart. Read more »

Educating Alice

Educating Alice

‘A girlfriend should know her place, Alice. First comes the mates, then the ute, then his hat, dogs, horses and last of all the girlfriend. Get that right and you might just stick around. Try to jump the queue and you’re history.’
‘Well then, I’ll just have to be his mate.’
‘Girls can’t be mates, Alice.’
‘We’ll see.’

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